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March 27, 2015

During our first Rebirth Workshops & Retreat (ha folks were not using “Retreat” five years ago 🙂 ) way back in 2010

one of the exercises was to create four images and four images only with our smartphones. No deleting allowed. No post processing.

Afterward we gathered to discuss the images, the purpose behind them, who had photographed what.

Now I had just recently purchased an iPhone and as a photographer this seemed to be a bit of “do not turn to the Dark Side”. No going back now.

As a photographer do we take smartphone images seriously or is this more just for fun? Keep in mind this was early 2010.

So after searching a few iPhone photography apps I stumbled upon Tiffen’s filter app. Man this was cool, a bunch of Tiffen filters all in the iPhone!

I played around, used this filter and that one, had some fun and processed the images I had created during the exercise.

Around this same time a new company in Berlin called Eye’em announced their Eye’em Awards 2010. Hmmm, submit iPhone images for a contest? Seriously?

Ok I did it. I sent in the four images I had created at Rebirth and waited.

I remember the first email from Eye’em stating I had made it onto the shortlist. Then and email saying I was in the top 15! This was going to be displayed in Berlin!

After the exhibit Eye’em created a book with the winning images –

Great to see Eye’em just had their World Tour Exhibit show in New York City last night. Congrats to them, still going strong after five years.

Shown below is the original image followed by the image that was displayed for the exhibit. A large print of the winning print still hangs in my New Orleans apartment.

Enjoy.  –  Chris

mississippi delta photography collection eyeem awards 2010 zoeica images

August 27, 2013

Aerial application, or what was formally referred to as crop dusting,

involves spraying crops with crop protection products from an agricultural aircraft.” – Wikipedia

Spent a couple days working on a project at the Cleveland Air Service in the Mississippi Delta last week with my good friend and fellow artist Will Jacks. Much more to come, stay tuned.

Leland Snow Air Tractor over bean field, August 2013

Leica M9P with 90/f2 Summicron.

Enjoy. – Chris

leland snow air tractor ober bean field mississippi delta