My Story

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First off, I’m no writer, you’ve been warned ahead of time! But here’s a few details of how I wound up where I am.

Born in Spain in the early 70s….

I always figured I would grow up to be the next Stewart Copeland or Alex Van Halen — even settle for Phil Rudd! I learned to play drums, became pretty decent, and noticed that those guys appeared to be having fun doing what they love. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, correct?

But maybe I’m not as good as I’d hoped, or I tired of playing until 2am in some dive bar — earning just enough money for drumsticks and drum heads. And I began to realize the joy is in the playing — not necessarily having everyone KNOW that your playing. So I still do it. But I’ve realized I don’t have to be in the Police, or Van Halen, or AC/DC to enjoy my music. I just need to enjoy it. Period. Wherever it is and whenever it happens.


Now, fast forward just a bit……..

I moved to New Orleans 17yrs ago.

That was it!

A 3rd World city inside the USA that was all about art,food,and music! Everywhere you walk you have the smells of great food, sounds of local music, and the city is covered in art from the slate sidewalks to the weathered rooftops. Amazing. For a guy that loves music, this was the perfect place.

Eventually I started photographing where ever we went, I kept a camera on me all the time. The people. The buildings. The texture. The culture. There is a rhythm to this city. And for someone who had spent his life create rhythm, I began to realize that my camera was acting quite similarly to my drums.

And then? People started to offer to pay for my photographs? Me? The drummer? The nightclub guy? Wow, that seemed cool. And if I could make a living at it? Even better.

I loved what I was doing, and that’s what it’s all about correct?

Photography. Music. It’s all art. It’s all passion. And I decided a long time ago, that I wanted my life to be filled with both.


I like to call my style of photography “documentary photography”. I approach every wedding with the intent to show the full story — shooting as much as possible, where ever possible, and hopefully without anyone realizing how much of the story is captured until the final result is presented. Having a bride or groom tell me “Wow, I never knew you were there. How did you get that shot !?” is the highest compliment I can receive

Ah, and just one more thing…….

I’m asked quite a bit, “Where do you get Zoeica (Zo-eye-ka)?”

Well, my dog Zoey (RIP girl!). And that wonderful German camera with the red dot. I just pasted the names together. (Now, if I get sued one of these days, you’ll know why !)

– Chris Williams,
Artist, 2013

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