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September 30, 2013

No matter where you go in Washington DC you can see this building. Of course now it is probably on TV 24/7 with recent events.

iHolga with whatever tiny lens it is

Enjoy – Chris

capital building washingtob dc

September 25, 2013

A major dilemma with many photographers is what camera to bring on an excursion that is not related to work. iPhone? SLR? Leica? Medium Format? Well when kayaking a river even I don’t want to put a Leica close to the water so for the 4th of July in Washington DC I opted to use my FED 5b. It’s a Russian knockoff of a Leica rangefinder with a fairly decent 50mm f2 Industar lens. I wasn’t concerned if this camera got wet or if it fell into the water while kayaking. eBay is full of them and it’s easily replaceable where a Leica is not unless you have lots of funds available.

Now the FED does not have IS or VR so bobbing up and down in the water even when attached to a tripod is going to bring interesting results. This image was about a 10 second exposure using Kodak 200 Gold film.

Enjoy. – Chris

FED 5b photography washington dc

September 24, 2013

Excited to be heading up North for Inspire 2014 ! I’ll be speaking with my good friend and fellow Washington DC photographer Ralph Alswang.  Inspire Photo Retreats 2014 is Feb 10-12th in Sturbridge , MA. If you are going to Inspire but not going to listen to us, please go see Kelly Segré ‘s talk and record it for me since we’re talking at the same time!  Follow the Inspire page for more information and updates!

– Chris

zoeica images inspire photo retreats 2014

September 19, 2013

Sometimes a scene just frames itself.

Enjoy. – Chris

Leica M9P with 50/f2 Summicron

new orleans documentary portrait photographer

September 9, 2013

Capa always said if it’s not good enough get closer…

Leica M9P with 90/f2 Summicron

Enjoy. – Chris

aerial application air tractor cleveland mississippi

September 2, 2013

Abstract, nothing as it seems, breaking the “rules”.

Leica M9p with 50/f2 Summicron

Enjoy. – Chris

documentary portrait photography