April 11, 2013

Hundreds of people and possibly hundreds of tripods,early morning sunrise,traffic. Name three things I normally dislike. However this was my first time seeing the Cherry Blossoms in bloom in Washington DC around the tidal basin. Amazing how many people get out to see this! Instead of focusing on the blooms I found it way more interesting to focus on the people,the amateur and professional photographers, the rows of tripods, the daily joggers, the clearly annoyed cyclists, the business travelers in flight, the folks going to work attempting to avoid the tourists.

Enjoy. – Chris

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  • I toyed with the idea of going down to the mall this morning on my way back to Raleigh and decided against it. Probably not a good decision on my part since I had a roll of Velvia 120 in my Twin Lens camera…

  • It’s an amazing sight for sure and not just for the trees. Yeah, Velvia would have loved it!

  • Scott Miura says:

    I miss seeing the Cherry Blossoms in DC. Such an amazing site with all of the trees in full bloom and the amount of cameras too (dont remember seeing that many tripods though.) Im guilty because I was one of those with the camera and probably blocking the pathways a few years back when we visited.

  • Sarah Hodzic says:

    Seriously Chris, you did one of the best jobs capturing this time of year in DC. You’re perspective and image capture makes me feel like I was right there with ya. I just love this.

  • Thanks Sarah

  • Josh says:

    Nice Chris!


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