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April 24, 2012

Some fun with large format. First image is a “Fujiroid” – Fuji color instant film – and the second image from the same shoot with Ilford HP5 4×5 sheet film. Both images recorded with my Polaroid 110A converted to 4×5. Thanks to Kelly & Mark for letting me use this format during our session at Baccanal in the Bywater.

Enjoy, – Chris

April 23, 2012

french quarter wedding new orleans april 2012

Enjoy, – Chris

April 19, 2012
new orleans navy week april 2012

USS WASP Flight Deck

April 15, 2012

Part Two of Jessica and Bryan’s wedding took place at Bar-T Mountainside in Frederick County, Maryland October 1st 2011. A complete opposite from New Orleans, this wedding was going to include cold weather and rain. And no one seemed to care! Zip lines, climbing walls, walking trails, Bar-T has it all on a 115 acre farm. While the day time was for play, the reception took place that evening. Enjoy.

April 15, 2012

Jessica and Bryan had a intimate ceremony and reception at a private home last September in Uptown New Orleans. I had photographed Jessica’s sister’s wedding a couple of years ago and their family is always fun to photograph. The larger reception, or let’s just call it an all day party, took place in Maryland last October and will be in my next post. Enjoy.

April 13, 2012

Had the chance while in Los Angeles for less than 48hrs to photograph aircraft taking off from LAX. My good friend and fellow photographer David Wittig knew a good spot. Even tried some night time photography as well. The first two images I’ll add some photo geekness to. They are with a Leica M9P and 135mm lens. Anyone who has tried or owned 135mm on a Leica knows it’s the hardest to focus with as the frame window is tiny, not to mention trying to photograph a fast moving object with it. Enjoy.